• Ladies Captain of Knowle and Dorridge Running Club Reviews Women's Adidas Supernova Running Range

    Posted by Yusuf Ibrahim-Zai

    Kathy Bailey, ladies captain of Knowle and Dorridge running club, has put the Supernova women's range to test for us. Have a read through what Kathy thought about the Adidas kit!

    Adidas Supernova Women's Kit

    "When I discovered my lovely friends and fellow committee members at K&D running club had suggested Darren and I should take up the offer from Helix for a set of Adidas running gear – to try it out and let them know what we thought, I was thrilled.  Not only did I need a new pair of running shoes as I had just tried a new pair of Asics and sent them back as the fit had changed and weren’t comfortable, but I also could really do with some more layers for the winter. 

    So, Yusuf helped me with a new pair of Supernova Boost, they felt a really good fit. I have horribly wide feet and getting a comfortable shoe with enough space for the forefoot has been tricky, but these did the trick and they had loads of cushioning for my aging feet. There then was the additional treat of a new complete running kit with tights, technical T-shirt and jacket with reflective ‘spotty’ sleeves for added safety.

    I have to say, I was a little worried at the time I would disappoint by not being able to run enough to give them a good try as I’ve been struggling with a horrible hamstring injury since the beginning of the summer, but thankfully it has started to settle and since Christmas I’ve been able to get out on the roads more and join my friends and some of the club runs.

    The shoes have been fab, although the white colour did not stay quite so white for long!  After a bit of fiddling and rearranging of the laces, they have been really comfortable.  They were a little tight over the top of my foot at first and my foot was slipping forward, but by rearranging the holes used at the top of the shoe this has been sorted.  They give lots of ankle support and space for my feet even when they get hot and more swollen on the run. 

    Adidas Supernova ST

    I love the jacket, I usually hate being over-dressed on a run, which is a pain in the winter when you start cold and then need to strip layers as you go.  The jacket breathes really well, so I didn’t feel overheated and kept it on for the whole 8 mile run.  The T-shirt also worked really well, for the same reason I don’t usually like T-shirts with a high neck, but this feels really comfortable.  They have also doubled up well for using in the gym (which is often freezing!).  The tights are a nice snug fit and also have reflective strips for safety.  All in all, a real treat to wear!  My only regret is that they aren’t very inspiring colours, maybe next time they’ll be luminous pink with flowers, at least Anne Spencer-Dowdeswell and her clan of girls would enjoy that!"

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  • Chairman of Knowle and Dorridge Running Club Reviews Adidas Supernova Running Range.

    Posted by Dougie Musson

    Adidas Supernova Running Shoes

    The Adidas Supernova are a work-horse of a daily trainer. Using them for the first time on a 5k trudge across Solihull during the great snow-pocolypse of December 2017 the Adidas Supernova kept my feet totally dry in shin high snow. Once the snow and ice cleared and I was finally able to run the shoes quickly showed their versatility. With a thick Boost heel the Supernova are still firm in the forefoot giving a solid platform that fits slightly wider than Hoka or Nike. The ride feels similar to the Adizero performance range from Adidas but with added protection for the heel area that you’ll need in a trainer you use for regular training on the roads. The continental outer is grippy as any other outsole on the market and your foot never feels like slipping even in cold and frosty conditions - my pair came with a rather brilliant slime green/yellow outsole.

    The fit of the Adidas Supernova is looser than the Adizero performance range and the added space allows the shoe to incorporate a plusher more relaxed fit. The Three-Stripe Adidas overlays grip the foot through the arch though ensuring that the added comfort doesn’t mean a sloppy structure. Your foot feels comfortably locked in through the entire run. In terms of toes the slight increase in space around the front end of the foot protects you from bashing against the end of the shoe; saving you from blisters or bruised toe-nails you might get if you trained consistently in the more aggressive Boston or Adios range from Adidas.

    The lugs on the sole of the Adidas Supernova looked identical to the original Ultra Boost sole which wore down significantly after around 200 miles however the compound must be slightly different as after about 50 miles in the Supernova the lugs look in considerably better condition than the Ultra Boost did at the same point. With the Adios Boost sole looking fresh after 600 miles I’m hopeful the Supernova will provide the same long lasting use.

    I’m really enjoying the Supernova for training runs. They feel robust enough to use for months on end and will be in regular rotation for my Spring 2018 marathon training; while I’ll probably ue the Adios range for speed work the Supernova will be a regular partner during all those easy and medium runs that make up such a large part of marathon training.

    Adidas Supernova Mens Running Shoes

    Adidas Supernova Dual Shorts

    Confession: I’ve never liked lycra shorts under normal shorts. As a traditionalist it’s always been the shortest shorts possible for races (as my club mates will testify) or tights for winter running. I was told the Adidas Supernova Dual Shorts were the comfiest shorts ever but I wasn’t sure I could get over the whole lycra under shorts thing. They are gloriously comfy though. The inner Climalite lining helps prevent any chafing in undesirable areas while the soft Supernova outer short hangs loose and relaxed. The anti-chafe liner holds up well on longer runs and will be a go to choice when those marathon miles start accumulating on Sunday mornings. The shorts are so comfy i’ve taken to lounging around the house in them too. Despite the dual layer the shorts feel light and virtually weightless on the run.

    Adidas Supernova Long Sleeve T Shirt

    The long sleeve Adidas Supernova T-shirt is a soft, lightweight top that features thin climalite fabric that keeps the sweat away from the skin and makes a perfect thin base layer for running in autumnal or mild winter days. The sleeves feature thumb holes to keep your knuckles warm. I found the sleeves and thumb holes a tiny bit shorter than needed, though I do have stupidly long arms. My grandfather was part Orangutan i’m sure. The material is thin but light and breathable and the design is simple, black on black with a toned back detail made of Adidas’ famous three stripes. The crew neck sat comfortably on the run and it’s been very comfortable on multiple runs. While the material is thin the durability of the shirt is impressive as it looks every bit as good after multiple washes.

    Adidas Supernova Running Jacket

    I have never found a perfect running jacket. Despite owning half a dozen and trying on multiple others they always seem to have a fatal flaw. They either aren’t breathable, don’t stop win, leave you sweltering, aren’t robust enough or feature any other number of problems.

    The Adidas Supernova Running Jacket is very nearly the perfect training jacket. It is incredibly breathable on the run, keeps out excess wind, has a discreet sweat-proof arm pocket for valuables and excellent reflective arm detail incase you get caught out after dark. For most weather the Supernova Running Jacket excels. The only addition that it needs is a hood tucked away in the collar. The fitted design is cut close to size so i’d always recommend trying one on first to check the fit, but if you’re lucky and it fits well then the jacket is even smart enough to wear out on social functions; i’ve donned it on multiple non-run occasions recently. The cut of the jacket is superb and even features a slightly elongated drop at the back to keep a runner’s derriere chill free. A welcome pleasure in the middle of December. If i’m not wearing the Adidas Supernova Running Jacket it will be carried in my pack for all but the very worst weather.

    Adidas Supernova Mens Running Shoes
    Disclaimer: Adidas Supernova Kit was supplied for review purposes by Helix Sports and Adidas. No requirements for positive reviews were made by either company on the reviewer and the opinions are those of the reviewer alone.

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  • A cyclists Christmas wish list.

    Posted by Dougie Musson

    Got a cyclist in the family? Phil has made a wish list, to give you inspiration of what a cyclist might like for Christmas.

    "I commute to and from work on most days and race for my local cycling club, my list combines essentials and tech that can take my performance and enjoyment on the bike to the next level"

    • I love getting out first thing in the morning, unfortunately this is usually the coldest time of day, so whether I’m out for a leisurely Sunday ride or commuting into work a pair of Endura thermal bib tights is essential, coupled with Endura Waterproof overshoes it’s the ideal mix to keep warm and dry when on the bike.
    • I love to cyclocross race, as well as be prepared for the weather at any time of the year. An essential for this is a technical sufficient jacket that is going to keep me warm before and after a race. That’s why I have the Montane Icarus Jacket, made for our climates!
    • Being out early on the bike means that you get to see some fantastic sunrises. The Oakley Jawbreaker with Road Prizm Lenses are perfect to protect my eyes and look stylish on the bike at the same time.
    • The Wahoo Kickr has been on my list to get for a while, on those days where it’s to icy, cold or wet to get out the door. I don’t have to put cold miles in with this top level indoor turbo. I can get as much training in 45 minutes indoors, as I would with 90 minutes on the road.

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  • What to get a student this festive season.

    Posted by Dougie Musson

    What do you get a student for Christmas? Out team member James is heading off to University next year and he compiled a list of his Christmas must haves.

    I’m really excited to start studying next year and there are a few things on my Christmas Wish List that will really help me at university.

    • I have been into water polo for a few years and I’m looking to join the university club, a new pair of Speedo Jammers are essential to make a splash with the team.
    • My big present idea is a Cannondale Quick, its an ideal hybrid all round bike, that will help me get to and from my lectures.
    • With a new bike, I will definitely need to keep it safe, that’s why I’ve asked for a Kryptonite Lock, that is incredibly easy to throw in the bottom of my bag, and really secure.
    • It will be hard deciding on exactly what to take with me, that’s why a pair of ON Cloud X shoes would be perfect. A trainer that can double up as my running, fitness shoes and also look great casually. Its both practical and versatile.
    • To make sure I’m never late for any of my lectures, I’ve finally asked for a TomTom Runner 3 with music, it can show me how far I have run, I can also see how active I am during the day, and track my swimming sessions.


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  • TRI-ing to find that perfect gift for an Ironman?

    Posted by Dougie Musson

    Is a loved one chasing PBs next year, or looking for those marginal gains in swim, bike, or run? Yusuf has made a list of gift ideas for anyone looking for those upgrades!

    • The HUUB Albacore is everything you need in a wetsuit, I have been looking to upgrade ahead of Ironman Austria next year, this wetsuit will give me the platform for my strongest Ironman to date.
    • I’ve been looking for a light, stripped down shoe, to train ahead of a marathon next year. The Brooks Ravenna, provides support, and is a light shoe perfect for a crack at my marathon PB.
    • The ZIPP 30 wheels will make my winter training on my New Cannondale CAADX, smoother and lighter, hopefully giving me the best winter build up for the new season.
    • Coupled with the smoother wheels for my winter bike, accessories can be essential to keep you on the bike for longer. Café du Cycliste Overshoes, Neck Warmers, and Gloves, mean I can put the hard miles in on the bike over winter in style!
    • Montane Icarus Jacket, a great, warm good-looking jacket for the winter.


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