Whether you want us to do everything to take care of your bike, or just to take on some of the repair and maintenance, we are here for you. We offer a full range of services from custom builds, to repairs. Our workshop above the store means you can pull up outside our doors and leave your bike in our hands.

We have three main service offerings; Gold, Silver, and Bronze. We also offer bike repairs, custom builds and safety checks.


Bronze Service (£29.99):

In need of a quick safety check or a pre-race tune up. Our Bronze Service package, will ensure your bike is running smoothly, and safely.  This package includes:

  • Inspect gears, drivetrain, gear mechanics, cables (replace if required)
  • Examine frame, wheels and tyres for damage, inflate tyres to correct pressure
  • Inspect brakes, brake pads for damage (replace if required)
  • Check entire bike is safe and operational
  • 4-24 hours turnaround

Silver Service (£79.99):

Does your bike need a little bit of TLC? Our Silver Service package will get your bike back to its best. This package includes everything in the Bronze Service plus:

  • Wash, de-grease, lube
  • Brake and gear cables replaced and adjusted.
  • Brake pads scrubbed (replaced if required)
  • Chain tension and cassette checked (replaced if required)
  • Bolt torque checked
  • Check wheels run true
  • 2-3 days turnaround

Gold Service (£139.99):

Is your bike in need of a new lease of life, get us to give your bike a total bike strip down. This package includes everything in the Silver Service plus:

  • Bottom bracket service and shell re-grease
  • Headset service and re-grease
  • Hub service
  • 3-5 days turnaround


If you’d like to chat about what you would like done, come into store, speak to us on the phone by calling 01564400130 or email us at workshop@helixsport.co.uk